Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rotgut of Laramidia part 1: Skeeter Juice

The settlers of Laramidia have found many ways to ease the pain of existence. One of those ways is rotgut, alcohol made with whatever questionable ingredients are available locally. You might wonder why anyone would make let alone drink these concoctions, but they often turn out to have useful properties.

Skeeter Juice - a mix of tequila and saliva extracted from the mosquito people who infest the bayous, skeeter juice deadens pain, granting 1d6 temporary hit points per glass consumed. These hit points last for 2d12 hours. The drawback is that wounds heal more slowly with mosquitoperson saliva in your system. The drinker can not regain hit points for 1d12 hours per glass of mosquito juice consumed.
The GM should make these rolls and keep the results secret. If the imbiber would have negative hit points at the time the effects wear off, they die.
And of course, it’s gets you really drunk too. While under the influence, you have a -1 per glass consumed to all rolls.

As most mind altering substances do, skeeter juice has found it's way to Narcosa.

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