Monday, August 11, 2014

Shitty Coffee

Only the starving or insane eat the drupes of the purple lotus bush that grows on the Laramidian plains. To do so inevitably leads to addiction and death. But the snake-heads of Tunnel’s End have discovered a safe way to consume the purple lotus drupe. Longhorns are immune to the effects of the purple lotus and often eat them. The enzymes of the longhorn’s massive gut digest the out fruit while leaving the pit soft. When the longhorn shits one out in a pile of instant fertilizer, a new purple lotus bush is born. A snake-head alchemist discovered that when harvested from longhorn dung, these pits can be ground up and added to coffee. This euphoria inducing drink has become known as “shitty coffee.”

Since this discovery, Laramidian drug dens are often called “coffee shops.”

The effects of shitty coffee are unpredictable and last 2d6 turns. Anyone under its influence can also automatically read the script of the snakemen.
Roll to determine the other effects of the coffee:

2d6         Effect
2              Overdose: save vs. Poison or die screaming
3              Terrifying visions: save vs. poison or attack a random person or object
4-5           Bad trip: save vs. poison or take a -1 to all rolls for 1d3 days
6-8           Euphoria and strange visions
9-10         Mind opened: +4 to next roll using Wisdom
11            Vision: a distant place or object is revealed

12           Ecstasy: fall into an ecstatic coma for 1d3 days. When you awaken, you have -1 Con, but +1 Wis permanently. 

Portals to many strange and alien worlds have led to shitty coffee being found in many other places, especially in the land of Narcosa.

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